Water Issues Are Frequently Found, Including Dampness, Basement Leaks, Brick Pointing or Foundation Wall Cracks, Roof Leaks, Leaking Windows, Leaking Windows Lintels, and Leaking Windows Caulking.

You already know how crucial the foundation of your house or other structure is. You cannot afford a weak foundation because it holds the entire structure in place and supports it. A shoddy foundation creates safety risks and prevents your building from being as sturdy as it could be. 

Ashcroft Paving And Masonry will build a smooth parking space that raises the value of your property . We are a full-service paving company with a license and insurance. We’ll pour the new surface and help you maintain it with seal coating and repairs in addition to pouring the new surface.

A new driveway may completely change the look of your property and increase the curb appeal of your house. Your property’s driveway significantly affects how it looks from the outside. 

Everyone yearns for some downtime. Spending some quality time with your loved ones always pays off, whether you’re going on a weekend break or an out-of-town trip. But why not make the most of this priceless time by relaxing in your lawn amid a lovely setting?

In New Jersey, it takes a lot of time to maintain a residential property in top condition. The appropriate tools are also needed. If you employ the incorrect tools and cleaning techniques, you risk damaging your property or not cleaning it completely.

Cracked or chipped bricks, crumbling mortar, or discoloration are all signs that your masonry needs to be repaired (which indicates that the masonry is retaining moisture). If you observe any of these indicators, your masonry will most likely need to be restored.

Stoops and walks are equally as important to us as larger projects like pools or Outdoor Kitchens. After all, pathways are how you get to these landscape’s destination locations. Every day when you come and depart from your home, you, your visitors, and your family will travel your walkway and ascend your stoop. 

Basement Waterproofing refers to the methods and materials used to keep water out of a building’s basement. Sealing materials drains, and sump pumps, among other things, may be required to waterproof a basement that is below ground level.

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